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Harvest Kids Mission and Core Values


"What We Believe God Has Called Us To Do"

Our mission is to help "all" children understand the gospel of Jesus Christ, become servers, and to develop a strong Christian foundation in order to live a life devoted to God. Our mission is to ensure"all" children are being taught Biblical principles at the appropriate age levels. 

Our Core Values

"How we Believe God Instructs Us To Accomplish Our Mission"


We will accomplish our mission through the following core values listed below:

Prayer-We commit to using prayer as a tool to help our children in every day life. We believe that prayer is a way of communicating with God. We pray with and for our children.


Praise-We commit to using song and dance as way to help our children express their love and gratitude for all of God's blessings.


Learning-We commit to using different teaching strategies to ensure learning for "all"children. We will teach His Word through music, dance, games, and activities.


Scripture-We commit to use scripture to develop strong Christian foundations through Weekly Memory Verse Readings.


Love-We are committed to loving and caring for each child. We encourage each child to be their unique self. We positively redirect those who are on the wrong path.

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